Environmental Pledge

For every Tree that is removed by MJC we will re-plant another.

We also operate a carbon offset policy and use environmentally sound products whenever possible

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We are qualified, experienced and well equipped to deal with problems involving large trees. In Devon, Cornwall and across the South West the well established rural landscape and gardens mean that large, mature trees are often prevalent and the skill set required to manage and deal with the problems these can cause is highly technical.

A team of three or more contractors with experience of large tree felling will remove the outer limbs safely. The climber will work with safety harnesses to cut off the crown (top) of the tree before bringing down the tree in manageable sections, whilst the groundsperson will rope and pull safely back into the designated area.

Once at a safe height, the remaining trunk, or ‘stick’, can be felled in a controlled manner. To do this, strategic cuts will be placed in the tree trunk and it will be wedged to prevent it falling backwards whilst the final cuts are applied. Often trees of this size will be in close proximity to house or roads so it is very important that the direction the tree falls is predetermined and controlled.

When the tree is prepared and all the necessary cuts have been made a winch pulls the tree in the required direction and the felling is complete.

When carrying out major tree work of this nature it is important that the right equipment is on hand to deal with the timber and the waste. MJ Contracting provide all the chipping and processing equipment necessary to ensure that a site is left clean, safe and tidy following work.

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"After being recommended MJ Contracting by a colleague, we were impressed with the speed with which they carried out a large tree clearance job. On budget. Great team."

Pre-Crete construction, Exeter.

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