Environmental Pledge

For every Tree that is removed by MJC we will re-plant another.

We also operate a carbon offset policy and use environmentally sound products whenever possible

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MJ Contracting offers a design, supply and installation service for large or small decked areas. Street furniture, Planters and other decorative structures can also be supplied and installed with trees, shrubs and floral centre pieces growing within.

Recent projects have included:

  • Smoking shelters
  • Decorative pergolas
  • Binstores
  • Picnic areas

Depending on the budget a variety of different timbers can be used in hard or softwood with decorative finishes.

If you are not sure if MJ Contracting can help with your outside spaces we probably can. Call – 01647 231796



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"After being recommended MJ Contracting by a colleague, we were impressed with the speed with which they carried out a large tree clearance job. On budget. Great team."

Pre-Crete construction, Exeter.

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