Environmental Pledge

For every Tree that is removed by MJC we will re-plant another.

We also operate a carbon offset policy and use environmentally sound products whenever possible

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Tree Protection Fencing

The provision of Tree Protection Fencing usually involves a scaffold frame driven into the ground to which weld mesh fencing panels are attached.

This is conducted in accordance with BS5837 and is designed to temporarily protect trees in readiness for demolition, development or other work taking place on site where there would otherwise be a risk of damaging trees

MJC staff are fully conversant with the provision of BS5837 and are experienced in the erection of this fencing and in related services such as protecting root areas which fall outside the bounds of any tree protection fencing

Reptile and Amphibian Fencing

Newt fencing or Reptile Fencing is a barrier designed to control the movement of Great Crested Newts, other amphibians or reptiles. It can also be called drift fencing or temporary amphibian fencing. It consists of a low fence of plastic sheeting, buried a short way into the ground and supported by lightweight posts usually made of wood or plastic. It is used to keep animals out of working areas, to keep them inside safe areas of their habitat, to intercept migration routes, or to control their movement to help their capture for translocation. It may be used in conjunction with pitfall traps placed at the foot of the fence. It is most commonly used in connection with building projects, to minimise harm to protected species.

MJC operatives are fully conversant with erection and installation of this type of fencing and also their compliance to the law with regard to protected species.



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"After being recommended MJ Contracting by a colleague, we were impressed with the speed with which they carried out a large tree clearance job. On budget. Great team."

Pre-Crete construction, Exeter.

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