Environmental Pledge

For every Tree that is removed by MJC we will re-plant another.

We also operate a carbon offset policy and use environmentally sound products whenever possible

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MJ Contracting cares about the environment and the impact that the company has on it. We constantly strive to lower our emissions and offset our carbon footprint. This ranges from our policy of replacing old for new when we have no choice but to remove a tree, to using Bio degradable vegetable based lubricants in our chainsaws . Almost all waste generated by the company sees a new life in different settings. For instance all the wood chips generated by our Tree work teams are recycled and used again on our landscaping projects.

It is this dedication to solving environmental issues arising from our day to day business that has won us the ISO 14001 accreditation for British and European standard of Environmental management.


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"After being recommended MJ Contracting by a colleague, we were impressed with the speed with which they carried out a large tree clearance job. On budget. Great team."

Pre-Crete construction, Exeter.

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