Environmental Pledge

For every Tree that is removed by MJC we will re-plant another.

We also operate a carbon offset policy and use environmentally sound products whenever possible

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MJ Contracting offer a variety of fencing solutions whether it be for boundary marking ie

  • Knee rail around Supermarket Car Parks
  • Site hoarding securing Development Sites
  • Reptile fencing appeasing planning conditions
  • Completion decorative fencing on New Build Sites
  • Tree Protection Fencing
  • Anti Climb Fencing

If you are not sure whether we can offer the fencing solution you require then we probably can. Call Now – 01647 231796



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"After being recommended MJ Contracting by a colleague, we were impressed with the speed with which they carried out a large tree clearance job. On budget. Great team."

Pre-Crete construction, Exeter.

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